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Who We Are

Our Practice

​​​​​​​We prioritize care and knowledge. We understand that the more a pet owner knows about the best ways to care for their pet, the longer and better life they can have with their pet.

At Alvin Animal Clinic, our motto is “We Care”. Not only do we care about you and your pet, but we also care about the Alvin community. Dr. Hoffpauir is a proud member of the Alvin Chamber of Commerce and the Alvin Rotary Club. Alvin Animal Clinic proudly sponsors Breast Cancer Awareness, Relay for Life, Boy Scouts of America, and several other worthy organizations.

Our Location

Our Location

We have recently moved to our new location off of Highway 35 in Alvin, Texas! Our new location provides us with lots of new opportunities for your pet and their needs. Come by and visit us today!

  • Dedicated dental suite

  • State-of-the-art surgery suite

  • 3 dog exam rooms

  • 1 specialty cat exam room

  • 4 luxury boarding suites

  • Grooming quarters that can be seen from our lobby

Our Practice

Our Practice

Alvin Animal Clinic was started by Dr. Beryl Cline in 1956. Two years later he was joined by Dr. Richard Baker. Drs. Baker and Cline served the Alvin Community for 50 years, first as livestock practitioners, caring for Alvin’s many dairies and cattle ranches, then later as companion animal veterinarians, caring for household pets. Over the years, Alvin Animal Clinic became known for its caring and compassionate doctors and staff. In August of 2005, Dr’s. Baker and Cline retired, passing on the Alvin Animal Clinic tradition to Dr. Amanda Hoffpauir. Dr. Lori West joined the team in 2006 and has been with Alvin Animal Clinic ever sense.

Under Dr. Hoffpauir’s management, Alvin Animal Clinic continues to serve the growing need for quality, compassionate pet care in Alvin. Our doctors treat cats, dogs, rodents, reptiles, and goats, among others. If you have an unusual pet, give us a call. If our doctors cannot treat your pet, we will help you find a doctor who can.

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