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6 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for Hurricane Season

One of the things people tend to overlook when preparing for the hurricane season is what it means for pets. You need to remember that if a tropical storm is unsafe for you, it is unsafe for your pet as well. If you need to evacuate before the storm hits, then you should evacuate your pet as well. 

According to a poll conducted in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, some of those who chose not to evacuate did so since they did not want to leave their pets behind. 


Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Hurricane Season

Leaving your pet behind as a hurricane approaches will drastically decrease his or her survival chances. This is why it is important to plan ahead. When the storm hits, you will be able to quickly initiate your plan. 

You do not want to climb over flooded cars and trudge over drowned yards trying to transport or lead your pet to safety. Careful preparation and forethought can keep you and your pet safer, in addition to making everything else easier. Some of the tips that can help keep your pet safe in a hurricane include:


  • Stay Informed

It is important to be aware of the type of disasters that could affect your area and whether they call for an evacuation. Essentially, you need to monitor the storm’s progress by tuning in to the local emergency station. You also need to monitor any hurricane news or severe weather alerts on TV, radio, and mobile alerts. 


  • Make a List of Pet-Friendly Evacuation Shelters

Some evacuation centers will turn you away if you bring your pet. Before the storm hits, call your local officials and ask where you should take your pet should evacuation become necessary. This will take a lot of anxiety and stress off your plate.


  • Prepare a Pet Evacuation/Disaster Kit

Hurricanes are quite unpredictable. They can linger in one place longer than anticipated and cause lots of damage. This can make it difficult to find crucial supplies in the aftermath. Thus, you should prepare a well-equipped pet disaster kit ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

It should have everything your pet might need to stay comfortable, healthy, and safe throughout the storm. This includes food and water for at least five days, a week’s worth of necessary pet medications, pet bowls, pet blanket, pee pads, poop bags, and other pet necessities.


  • Create an Evacuation Plan

Learn your evacuation zone and help your pet get used to car rides and carriers in advance. If you have an arranged evacuation destination, you should learn several alternative routes to get there. Also, ensure that your car always has enough gas. 


  • Staying in

If you choose to ride out the storm at home, find an enclosed space, such as a bathroom, to keep your pet. The last thing you want to be doing during the chaos is tracking down a scared pet. 


  • Stay Calm

Most pets can pick up their owners’ emotions; hence, you need to keep calm since your pet may be a bit anxious already. Whether you choose to evacuate or stay, it is important to assume a calm demeanor to prevent your pet from panicking. 

To learn tips to protect your pet this hurricane season, call Alvin Animal Clinic at our office in Alvin, Texas at (281) 585-5183.

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