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Top Reasons You Should Neuter Your Pets

1)    A Neutered Pet Can Live Longer

Neutering is a surgery that removes the internal reproductive organs of our pets so that they cannot have kittens or puppies. In males this is called castration. In females it is called spaying. Pets who can still make puppies and kittens are called Intact because they have not had surgery to remove those parts.

Spaying your female pets reduces their chances of developing breast cancer. Spaying also stops ovarian or uterine cancer and pyometra, a deadly infection of the uterus.

Neutered males are less likely to develop infections in the prostate and never develop cancer in their testicles. They are also less likely to escape and be hit by a car or get in fights with other males.


2)    A Well-behaved Pet Stays with Owners Who Love and Care for Them

Many intact pets are turned over to animal shelters by their owners due to behavior problems or unwanted pregnancies.

Castrating male pets reduces problems like sexual aggression, being territorial, and peeing to mark their territory. Intact males often escape in search of females to mate with and are injured while they are out roaming.

Spaying female pets reduces irritability, aggression, and nervousness due to painful heat cycles and ovulation. Intact female dogs bleed and stink for 2 to 3 weeks every 6 months. The smelly blood can get on the owner’s clothing and furniture and is trouble to keep clean. Intact female cats go into heat every 2 weeks. They do not bleed like dogs but do yowl and make a lot of noise which can be very irritable. Intact female cats also constantly try to escape to mate.

If you wait until your intact pet has already developed bad behaviors, it is very difficult to re-train them. Spaying and castrating before bad behaviors begin is better for everyone.


3)    Safety for Your Pet

As we have already mentioned, intact male dogs and cats can smell intact females miles away when they are in heat. Intact males will go to find the female. This often results in multiple intact males visiting the property of the intact female, which leads to fights and injuries for humans and animals.


4)    Altered Pets Make the Community a Safer and Better Place

When your pets get neutered, you reduce the rate of overpopulation in the community. Female dogs can have up to 12 puppies twice a year. Female cats can have up to 10 kittens 3 times a year. Female cats and dogs can get pregnant as young as 6 months of age.

There are a limited number of good homes for pets, and when there are too many pets and not enough homes, many pets will go homeless or be killed.

Wandering animals can injure people and pets, damage property, spread diseases, cause car accidents, and are harmful to wildlife and the environment.


5)    Neutering makes a stronger bond with your pet

Intact pets are driven by their hormones to reproduce. Neutered pets do not have the intense hormone swings and are more even tempered and easy to train.

Intact pets can develop physical or behavioral problems that make taking care of them more difficult.

Every pet owner prefers to have their furry friend healthy and happy, and neutering can help to keep your pet healthier and with you longer.

For more about spaying and neutering, visit Alvin Animal Clinic at our Alvin, Texas, office. Call (281) 585-5183 to book an appointment today.

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