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Dr. Hoffpauir

Dr. Lori West

Dr. Amanda Hoffpauir - Veterinary Medical Director

Dr. Hoffpauir is a Louisiana native and a proud graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2003. With years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine, she now holds the esteemed position of Medical Director and Co-Owner of Alvin Animal Clinic. Her fantastic career began when she purchased Alvin Animal Clinic in 2005. Since then, she has dedicated herself to providing top-quality care and ensuring that all pets receive the attention and love they deserve.

In addition to her busy professional life, Hoffpauir remains committed to making a positive impact in her community as a member of the Alvin Rotary Club since 2005. She thoroughly enjoys participating in rotary events and volunteering her time to help others. She also loves gardening and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having been crowned blue belt master 4 world champion in 2022. Dr. Hoffpauir also loves teaching self-defense seminars and introducing others to the sport.

Dr. Hoffpauir has a passion for pets, including her beloved Hamlet – a sweet boxer mix – and her two rambunctious kitties, Ash and Char. For Dr. Hoffpauir, helping people by helping their pets is a deeply fulfilling role. She believes that knowledge is power, and every visit she tries to teach people and provide them with resources they need to offer the best life for their pets. This education not only benefits them but also future pets they bring into their lives. With an unwavering dedication towards her profession, Dr. Hoffpauir continues to make a remarkable impact on the lives of animals and their owners.

From Dr. Hoffpauir: "I love working with all types of pets and their families. All pet owners want their pets to live the longest, best life possible. The special training and education that we have as Veterinarians allows me to find problems before they are obvious to pet owners. Teaching pet owners about their pet's health and how to prevent problems or treat them early not only adds years of better quality time to their pet's life but also ensures that their future pets will benefit from what they have learned."

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