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Lauren Parker, DVM

Dr. Lauren Parker

Dr. Lauren Parker, Veterinarian

Meet Lauren, an Associate Veterinarian hailing from League City, TX. Lauren’s passion for helping animals started at just 2 years old when her first word was “cat”. After finishing her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University in 2017, she then received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2022. When not working, she enjoys attending concerts and musicals, as well as traveling and experiencing new things. Lauren has three furry friends of her own: Jeter, a Jack Russell Terrier, Stevie, a Border Collie, and Franklin, an orange tabby. Also a huge Taylor Swift fan, Lauren has ranked in the top 1% of listeners on Spotify for the past two years. Her ultimate goal is to help as many pets as possible live long and healthy lives. Lauren is also passionate about volunteering her time with spay/neuter groups to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate families.

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