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Alvin Animal Clinic Reviews


Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Alvin Animal Clinic.

“I absolutely love this place. They are very thorough in explaining everything that is going on with my babies and what to expect. When my dog would realize where we were, she was super excited to jump out of the car. Since their move, it took her a bit to realize where we were, but when she saw the tech walking out she couldn't wait to go with them. To see that my dog is this excited to go to the doctor gives me assurance she is in good hands. ”

Irma Benitez

“This place is awesome, they do what they say they're going to do in a timely manner. They're very professional they're good to my pet and me. They have good prices and I just can't say enough about Alvin Animal Clinic they're great people and my dog likes going there the name puzzles she loves it there are those people who are so sweet to her. ”

Mike Schuenemann

“ Great vets and technicians. The prices are very competitive and the care is top notch. They are the only people I trust with my baby, after saving him from a killer bee attack that was very touch and go. The kindness and gentleness that they showed him was above and beyond. They truly care about your pets. For reference, we had several other vet clinics to compare them with prior to switching to them. They are not breed discriminatory. ”

Hope Gonzalez

“ They are so nice and caring. ”

Robin Mascari

“ The staff is very friendly and attentive to my pets. ”

Andria Reed

“ Love the new office! ”

Stacy Warren
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